Who Sang On Fire on a Tightrope? JBM

JBM Stray Ashes cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-5-22
length: 5:20
If you find your way
And get on your feet
One sunny day come walk with me
In lonely days
On fire on a tightrope
In dead ends I found a home
One new day off a crowded street
Above the rain began to freeze
And I watched your face
Alive in the first snow
In your eyes the light of home
In the morning tide
In a role that I had filed long away
I resolved in the deeps
In the hope to find a way
Did I become inane

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ferry
  • 2 Only Now
  • 3 You Always Keep Around
  • 4 Winter Ghosts
  • 5 Forests
  • 6 Thames
  • 7 Moonwatcher
  • 8 Crooked Branches
  • 9 On Fire on a Tightrope
  • 10 Keeping Up