Who Sang God’s Gift? Jean Grae

Jean Grae Attack of the Attacking Things… The Dirty Mixes cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-8-6
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:56
producer: Masta Ace
[Its alright
You can get mad
You knew the deal from the get go
If its not you its another b____
Its all good
Day to day
b____ to b____
Thats how we live
Player, what]

Im the reason yall breathe
The reason yall been here from conception
Reason yall believe in deception
And faithfulness
Ill make your destiny and fate twist
And when i stop comin around its hatefulness
I paint bliss with you with me
Have you cryin you miss me
Lyin to you friends that you dissed me
Im your world, kiss me and the globe turns
sunrise and moon shine ocean tide shift in just the blink of an eye
Game transcends time when i spend with you
spit out incredible bull, lies are exceptional
Takin my prime-time whiz that i care about your kids
True this?
Dont give a f___ as long as you [ ? }
Hit it up until its raw, no protection what for
I know you not chicken
Only call on me when you feelin forward
Only f___ top-notch b____es
[ ? ]
who you callin your man
Who you callin your fam
Who you call late night in a jam
4:30am bawlin to me, im just plain ballin you see
being with one b____ is boring to me
i say variety is the food of life
its not my fault that every woman is the foolish type
and after me you cop an attitude [ ? ]
you fell for it let the d___ call it
n____ if you with me killin it light

play your position
dumb b____

play your position

see this style
didnt even use game to get you
you know you been open wide off me since the day i met you
never let go of me
when we f___in you love me
when we in the streets you m_________in b____es touch me
i think its funny you call me your honey
i call you when im feeling h____
you say when im not around your p____ feelin lonely
i told you never let a b____ own you
still you buy me s___
iceburg, Sony, Hitachi, a Motorola, dreamcast, [?] controllers
trip to atlantic city like we some high rollers
think you gonna lock it down
even write me letters every time you outta town
dont even read em
what the f___ i need a wife for
i lead the life of a free man
told you i was a player since the first hand was dealt
want me to meet your family?
Well i got some news for them
If you got sisters
Put the move on them
Let loose too on em
Loose screw on em
Moms too, even better get up than you
And your dad know the deal
Hes a n____
Im saying the older you get the better you get at playin for real

Dumb b____
Play your position

Ive had em all from the w____s to good girls galore
Twins to wheelchair b____es
Freaks to married girls turned frigid
Classy models to pigeons
You not special cause you wanna cross your feelings on another level
Another day another hustle
You no different
Im not the daddy for your children
Tell me youre separated, divorce pending
Listen the only position you fill
With p____ youre in
I never spend a dime on you
My times precious
Whining on the jack about lack of respect for women
What if my daughter was to grow up meet a villain like me
f___ it i aint got no children
If i did id teach them better than youve been
Your self-esteem is all f___ed
Musta been busted when growin up
Cause pretty b____es know enough
Now youre mad blowin up
Whatever, list
i gotta bounce
Your best friends on the way to my house

Play your position
Dumb b____
Play your position

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 What Would I Do
  • 3 God’s Gift
  • 4 Block Party
  • 5 No Doubt
  • 6 Skit
  • 7 Thank Ya
  • 8 Lovesong
  • 9 Get It
  • 10 Knock
  • 11 Live 4 U
  • 12 Fadeout