Who Sang Intro? Jean Grae

Jean Grae Attack of the Attacking Things… The Dirty Mixes cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-8-6
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 1:15
performer: Apani B. Fly

Come on
Roll your windows down
And turn the woofers up
New giddy city get that liquor in your tinted cups
Picture me kicking this pretty then remember the words
We keep it gritty like the greats at the edge of the curb
Live and learn, living legend, Ninth and Mers, burn first
Now its Jeanie's turn to recite it to get your urn church
I mean chuch, get your blushing up
And button up, your luck is slowing and your cussing me, fuck!
This ain't a test nigga no pencils, only ink
And blood splattered like your toes on my drink
The dream shattering girl
Without collateral earls
Unimaginable, chatter like a lateral curls
Tight expanding your world
And my mic can just spike this gang
Like a roofie or a volleyball move like in the aim
To get analogies right, you dumb as Mallory right?
The Jeanie smarter than you thought at first apparently, right?
Please don't be mad at me, i'd rather be liked
Cause your opinion really matters automatically, psyche!
I give a fuck about what you can think that you ain't get the plus
My pimp lean is cool, back up like these blacks on the bus
School niggas. School. You learn! Get your learn on!
We finna teach you something!
Justice League, Brooklyn Academy, we're all making records!
Pumpkinhead, we still family yeah!
We bring it down like this from New York to Kaki-laki
Kick back, and flick your wrist
This shit got me mumbling, should we bring it back?

Mad dub pour it like the flow without the chorus
We get the love from the Joneses and Jazzy, N.O.R.E.'s
Border cross in, transporter, illegal drugs
So much that pass porters in need of illegal tucks
Call your peoples up and tell them it dropped
Be like a felon gold poppers from one hell of a knock
I pop lock these words, till you pop a nerve
Then I’ll b-girl stance like "You Got Served”

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 What Would I Do
  • 3 God’s Gift
  • 4 Block Party
  • 5 No Doubt
  • 6 Skit
  • 7 Thank Ya
  • 8 Lovesong
  • 9 Get It
  • 10 Knock
  • 11 Live 4 U
  • 12 Fadeout