Who Sang Medicine Man? Jersey Dogs

Release information
Release Date: 1990-8-21
length: 6:19

It's day break
Your head feels like lead
You need another fix
To feed your head
Medicine Man
Stealing your soul
Medicine Man
Losing control
You'll beg, borrow, steal
Sell your body at will
The madness runs deep in your veins
You could kill
You just drop a hit
Don't know what you'll find
You feel so alone
You're losing your mind
Medicine Man
Losing control
Medicine Man
He's stealing your soul
Terrors of your mind are coming
Out with every trip
Dealers they exploit you they don't
Give a damn if you live
Deadly needles penetrate your
Tracked up hurting skin
You don't care about yourself
As long as you get it in
Screaming terror rushes through
Your veins and to your head
When it's over you'll be lying there
Wishing you were dead
Madness, rules you there's nothing you can do
Death, follows you waiting for you to give in
Suicide, tempts you you're just not yourself
The end, closing in but you go and get your fix

CD 1
  • 1 Posse of Doom
  • 2 Medicine Man
  • 3 Why Is
  • 4 Blood From a Stone
  • 5 Who's to Blame
  • 6 Wasted World
  • 7 Games
  • 8 Greasy Funk Chicken
  • 9 Last Breath
  • 10 Another Pretty Day