Who Sang Constantly Changing? Jerusalem

Release information
Release Date: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 5:51
When I look at myself in the mirror
And see what I've become
Sometimes I get to thinkin
How it was so long ago
But now it's no longer me that's livin
It's Jesus livin in me

I'm livin, I'm changing
I'm livin, I'm constantly changing

Though at times it may not seem so
And it's hard to see just how we're changing
There's one thing I'm pretty sure of
That we're changing with every day that comes
But are we changing for the better
Or, are we changing for the worse?

We're livin, we're changing
We're livin, we're constantly changing

Could be you've never dared to look
You've rather chosen to remain blind
For you know what lies there hidden
But weighs so heavy on your mind
Jesus can set you free from yourself
You can surface and then begin to find

Forgiven, start livin
And then you can change for the better

Start livin, forgiven
The only way to change for the better

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  • Release information
    label: Eckworks
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin