Who Sang Farewell? Jerusalem

Release information
Release Date: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 6:05

Now the party's over
Everyone's gone home
Each one to his own world
But you are left alone
You tried to find someone
Someone who really cared
You're standing now in silence
With the burdens that you bear

As evening falls once more
You travel home alone
Like many times before
The bitter wind of fear blows cold
And slowly shuts your door
Farewell, farewell

Friends, they disappeared
Took it as a game
But you're the one who's lost
And you must bear the pain
Life has turned so cold
But where did it go wrong
The road ahead is rough
And the journey seems so long

As evening falls...

Often have I thought, how it really feels
'cos I get lonely too
So my heart goes out to you
But all we ever feel
It's not just ours alone
For he has been there too
And he lights the way back home

Then with Jesus, life begins anew
And everything must change
Even if friends, they let you down
His love always remains
Farewell, farewell
But, we'll meet again

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