Who Sang Warrior? Jerusalem

Release information
Release Date: 1981
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock
length: 6:14

I never dreamed I'd be a fighter one day
Now I'm enlisted in the heat of the fray
Entrenched on the front line, fighting for God
He's the commander, we move at his word

Though many don't know they're on the wrong side
Lured into service by lust, greed and pride
Their leader a liar, through and through
Lies and more lies that's all he can do

You are no meagre opponent
But look out Satan you'd better run
Admit you're wasting your time
You know already who's won

So don't go thinking you can make us believe
We are deserted without leader or brief
Jesus has promised and he keeps his word
I'd rather trust him and a two-edged sword

Don't come round here in your clever disguise
It's occupied territory, we know all your spies
We'll stand side by side, fight hand in hand
Till our leader is back in control of this land

The enemy takes no prisoners
So don't go fighting alone
We must join forces in battle
And fight as one in the son

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