Who Sang City of Glass? Jester's Funeral

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 4:34

A city built of glass. Lost in this transparent maze reflections taunting me with a stranger’s face. Remember who I am. Clothed myself in hollow names. A non-identity swimming in neon seas.

Like a vapour trail, insubstantial. Like a vapour trail I will fade away.

City of Glass, mirroring me. City of Glass, refracted dream.

Reference points erased. Cathartic anonymity. When every step’s retraced patterns will emerge. Disappearances sliding down the surfaces. This world is a design I will redefine.

I’m vanishing, escaping the locked room. Emancipate! Incarnating, language becoming flesh. Regenerate!

City of Glass, mirroring me, but I don’t know the person (that) I’m forced to see. City of Glass, refracted dream. A translucent image without a scheme. City of glass, devoid of form. I’m a ghost in a shadow, tattered and torn. City of glass, shedding this skin. Constructing a nowhere, a nowhere within.

CD 1
  • 1 Jester's Flight
  • 2 City of Glass
  • 3 Insomnia
  • 4 Infinity
  • 5 Frozen Angel
  • 6 Intensifire
  • 7 Fall
  • 8 Nebula
  • 9 Nevertheless
  • 10 Of Ocean and Sky
  • 11 Tomorrow