Who Sang Fall? Jester's Funeral

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 3:46

I look back upon grey years of grief: to questions I received answers in which I believed. But as days went by I came to find that feelings of another kind kept on growing in my mind.

I raised my head and whispered a dream into the sky.

Fall from the sky, I wait below to drown in you. Blue stormwinds blow. Fall from the sky and carry me far away from home.

I feel relief and fall asleep. Knowing there are hands to keep me far away from falling deep. Hold me now and tell me everything you are feeling deep within, your thoughts, your life, the mood you're in.

When I'm away I am a million stars shining down on you. Thanking god this dream came true.

CD 1
  • 1 Jester's Flight
  • 2 City of Glass
  • 3 Insomnia
  • 4 Infinity
  • 5 Frozen Angel
  • 6 Intensifire
  • 7 Fall
  • 8 Nebula
  • 9 Nevertheless
  • 10 Of Ocean and Sky
  • 11 Tomorrow