Who Sang Nebula? Jester's Funeral

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 5:59

Days go by and still I try to stand. Though they try to rape my soul, they try to make me feel so bad again.
When will it end? I'm scared I can not ake this torture anymore. an't remember what my life is for.

Hear me and cover my skin. Feel me and kill my nightmares deep within. Hide me, my sorrow and greed. Guide me and make me blind so I can see.

Nebula, come cover me. Nebula, through rainy skies I see. Nebula, come cover me. Nebula, in misty nights I do believe.

As the pain keeps hurting on and on I await the one to help me out of this, to get there I must run.
All alone. Until I come to places drowning in blue haze. Help me close my eyes on brighter days.

CD 1
  • 1 Jester's Flight
  • 2 City of Glass
  • 3 Insomnia
  • 4 Infinity
  • 5 Frozen Angel
  • 6 Intensifire
  • 7 Fall
  • 8 Nebula
  • 9 Nevertheless
  • 10 Of Ocean and Sky
  • 11 Tomorrow