Who Sang Nevertheless? Jester's Funeral

Release information
Release Date: 2003
length: 4:07

In the beginning of fate I was born into a world where I could be. I was told the secrets of a history.

I can not explain it, but I know where everything is from: my mind just creates it. I don't know why I cannot die.

Nevertheless (never) I die. Nevertheless (never) I try.

I know the stories you told, nice to listen, though it's obvious they're not true. Do not believe anyone has lived here, been here before you.

I make no reflections about things I do not want to know. Alone, without connection to anyone here I do not fear.

CD 1
  • 1 Jester's Flight
  • 2 City of Glass
  • 3 Insomnia
  • 4 Infinity
  • 5 Frozen Angel
  • 6 Intensifire
  • 7 Fall
  • 8 Nebula
  • 9 Nevertheless
  • 10 Of Ocean and Sky
  • 11 Tomorrow