Who Sang Mischievous Moon? Jill Barber

Jill Barber Mischievous Moon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-4-5
Genre: Jazz Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country Blues
length: 4:13

Anyone can tell
That I'm helpless to the spell
Cast by moonlight
And so it does remain
My heart cannot contain
But still it tries in vain
When suddenly the song
Is playing to my heart
When the clouds disappear
Every time you're near
To me
Mischievous moon
Sometimes I wonder were it not for the spell
That I've fallen under
That made me fall for you
Under the mischievous moon
Mischievous moon
How could I ever doubt you?
Just a thing of the brink
That I'd be on without you
As I sway and swoon
Under the mischievous moon
Counting all the stars
And score of the mischievous moon
They fall like musical notes from the bars
Of an old familiar tune
The moon is setting low
And I can feel its blow
Wherever I may be
As long as you are near
To me

CD 1
  • 1 Mischievous Moon
  • 2 Took Me by Surprise
  • 3 Tell Me
  • 4 Daydreamin'
  • 5 A Wish Under My Pillow
  • 6 Steal Away
  • 7 Any Fool Can Fall in Love
  • 8 Tenderness
  • 9 If It Weren't for Loving You
  • 10 Lullaby
  • 11 Dis-Moi