Who Sang One More Time? Jill Barber

Release information
Release Date: 2008-10-14
Genre: Jazz Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Vocal
length: 3:40
One more time
Before you go
Kiss me one more time
So I will know
That you are mine
And that you love me so
So kiss me
One more time
One more time
Before you leave
Hold me one more time
Darling, if you please
Your love leaves me weak in the knees
So hold me
One more time
And I let go
And you are gone
Still my heart holds on

One more time
Before you go away
Tell me one more time
Why you can't just stay
Because if I could
I would keep you here all day
Just say it
One more time
Because you are mine

Darling, one more time

If you don't mind
Just before you go away
Won't you kiss me
One more time

CD 1
  • 1 Chances
  • 2 Be My Man
  • 3 Old Flame
  • 4 Oh My My
  • 5 Take It Off Your Mind
  • 6 Wishing Well
  • 7 Never Quit Loving You
  • 8 All My Dreams
  • 9 Leaving You
  • 10 One More Time