Who Sang Starting to Show? Jill Barber

Jill Barber For All Time cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-9-30
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country
length: 3:54
From the top of my head
To my tippy toes
I am in love
And it's starting to show

I want you to know
But don't know where to begin
I can outline my feelings
But I can't fill them in

Oh I am in love
And it's starting to grow
With its roots firmly planted
In the earth below

It's true what they say
You will reap what you sew
You grow wiser and stronger
In time

It's so easy to tell
There's an apple of my eye
I can't hide it so well
So I don't even try

You are an arrow
And my heart the bullseye
You're a sure shot baby
Every time

I was walking in a circle
Staring down at my feet
When I met you half way
It felt strangely complete

Had a melody to play
But it kept missing the beat
Now I could carry that tune all the way
To the moon, to the moon

Oh my tongue hits the floor
At the thought of your touch
My heart next to yours
Skips double dutch

There isn't much more
That a girl could ask for
Please and thank you
Very much

Oh I am in love
And it's starting to show
From the tip of my cap
To the bottom of my sole

So tuck me sweet
And dance me slow
Get me high
And dip me low

I am in love
And I want you to know
It grows wiser and stronger
In time

Thanks to Amoda for these lyrics

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