Violet Blue Lyrics - Jill Jones

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Release information
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Electronic Funk / Soul
Style: Synth-pop/Funk/Soul
length: 4:24
producer: Jill Jones and David Z.
conductor: Clare Fischer
double bass: Robert Stone and Dave Stone
soprano vocals: Darlene Koldenhoven
violin: 松田洋子, William Henderson, Karen Jones, Norma Leonard, Pamela Gates, Ron Clark, Harry Scorzo, Francine Walsh, Teruko Schoenbaum, Betty Moor, Bill Hybel, Davida Johnson, Diana Jeane Brodick, Irving Geller, Joseph Shoenbrun and Thelma Beach
viola: Virginia Majewski, Margot Maclaine, Marilyn Baker, Myra Kestenbaum and Jorge Moraga
accordion: Frank Marocco
percussion: Brent Fischer
French horn: Todd Miller, Brian O'Connor, David Allen Duke and George Hyde
cello: Judy Perett, Mary Louise Zeyen, Ray Kramer, Nils Oliver and Douglas Davis
tuba: Tommy Johnson and Norman Pearson
woodwind: Gene Cipriano, Joe Soldo, John Lowe, John Mitchell, Gary Gray, Dick Mitchell and David Edwards
baritone horn: Morris Repass
What's a woman 2 do?
Across the street waits a man she's promised 2
And in her presence is another with eyes of violet blue

All aflame her body when he approaches - steam heat
She closes her eyes, imagines his voice - so sweet, so sweet
11 minutes and she'll be late

What's a woman 2 do?
Across the street waits the man she's promised 2
Indecision reigns and the catalyst: eyes of violet blue

11 minutes 2 love is 2 little, 2 much
I could listen 4ever but if I hear 2 much
It could stay in my mind and all could be lost
If I'm not careful, I'd never want U so

We already lost one minute
4 us that's one more year we got in it
4 us that's one more year things we don't know
11 minutes 2 love

Is he married? One day does he wanna be?
I wish I could tell just from holdin' hands
But with his eyes so gentle, he whispers
Only mental communication is all he wants me 2 hear

Even though I don't want 2
I must leave him now
I can't let him see my tears
Though I turn away and notice the time - it's late
But what's a woman 2 do?
What's a woman 2 do?

The eyes were violet blue {x2}
And I could see 4ever the eyes of violet blue
And that's what a real woman, real woman wants 2 do
(Love) {x4}

CD 1
  • 1 Intro (Baby, You're a Trip) / Mia Bocca
  • 2 G-Spot
  • 3 Violet Blue
  • 4 With You
  • 5 All Day, All Night
  • 6 For Love
  • 7 My Man
  • 8 Baby, You're a Trip