Who Sang Going Steady? Jilted John

Jilted John True Love Stories cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-9-13
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: New Wave/Novelty/Punk/Synth-pop
length: 3:52
I've never been very lucky with girls
But then I'd never met Sharon
Now I have, I'm in love
'Cause we've been going out for two months

I see her on Wednesday and Saturday
And on Sunday afternoon
On Wednesday, Sharon goes babysitting
For her mum's friend, Mrs Higgins

I go with her to watch tele
The kids are horrible and the house is dead smelly
But it's all worth it, 'cause when they've gone to bed
We start snogging on the sofa

Yeah, yeah, I love Sharon
Yeah, yeah, she loves me
Yeah, yeah, we love each other
And we're so happy

Then on Saturday night, we go
To the bus shelter at the end of the road
We sit in it and mess about
And then we go and buy some chips

I love Sharon and she loves me
And we are going steady
And one day when we save up
We are going to get married

Then on Sunday afternoon
We usually go to the museum
I don't look at what's in there
'Cause when I'm with Sharon

I couldn't care less
I used to think that girls didn't like me
But Sharon's a girl, and she loves me
She says I'm dead sexy and butch

And much better looking than Starsky and Hutch
And when we go out for a walk
Sometimes other girls look at me
I used to think that I was dead ugly
But now I know I'm not bad looking really

Oh, I love you Sharon
And you love me, don't you?
And when we've saved up
We're going to get married

And your mum and dad like me, I think
And my gran says you're dead nice
Yeah, oh right, yeah
Oh, I love Sharon
And Sharon loves me

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