Who Sang Jilted John (single version)? Jilted John

Jilted John True Love Stories cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-9-13
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: New Wave/Novelty/Punk/Synth-pop
length: 2:59
: I've been going out with a girl, he-e-r name is Ju-u-lie
: but last night she said to me, when we were watching te-elly
: *This is what she said:)
: She said - "Listen John I love you, but there's this bloke I fancy
: I dont want to two time you, so it's the end for you and me"

: "Who's this bloke" I asked her, Go-o-or-don she replied
: "Not that puff" I said dismayed, "Yes, but he's no puff" she cri-ied
: "He's more of a man than you'll ever be!"

: Here we go 2 , 3, 4

: I was so upset that I cried all the way to the chi-ip shop
: When I came out there was Gordon, standing at the bu-us stop
: *And guess who was with him?*
: *Yeah Julie - and they were both laughing at me*

: Oh she's cruel and heartless
: Two packed me for Gordon
: Just 'cos Gordon's better looking than me
: Just 'cos he's cool and trendy

: But I know he's a moron
: Gordon is a moron
: Gordon is a moron
: Gordon is a moron

: Here we go 2, 3, 4

: Oh, she's a slag, and he is a creep
: She is a tart, he's very cheap
: She is a s___, he thinks he's tough
: She is a b____, he is a puff

: Yeah Yeah It's not fair
: Yeah Yeah It's not fair
: I'm so upset

: I'm so upset
: I'm so upset
: Yeh Yeh

: I ought to smash his face in
: Yeah but he's bigger than me, innit
: I know, I'll get my mate Barry to hit him, he'd flatten him
: Yeah, but Barry's a mate of Gordon's, isn't he

: Oh well I don't care

CD 1
  • 1 Going Steady
  • 2 Baz's Party
  • 3 I Know I'll Never Know
  • 4 I Was a Pre Pubescent
  • 5 Fancy Mice
  • 6 Jilted John (LP version)
  • 7 The Birthday Kiss
  • 8 The Paperboy Song
  • 9 True Love
  • 10 In the Bus Shelter
  • 11 Karen's Letter
  • 12 Shirley
  • 13 Goodbye Karen
  • 14 Jilted John (single version)
  • 15 Fit for Nothing
  • 16 Sold on You