Who Sang Don't Wash Your Tears Away? Jim Boyd

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length: 3:38

Flowin' river, now a still lake
Makes you shiver when you
Think of what they take
Where's your future
When you've lost today
Don't wash your tears away
Seek the vision, and see the gift
Show the children there's, something left
When they grow older they'll, learn to say
Don't wash your tears away

Can't stop the whiskey can't stop the wine
Can't stop a good friend from dying
Don't know the answer
But I've gotta keep trying
Can't stop a good friend from dying
Gather moments that add up our life
Sometimes regrets that cut like a knife
Start seeing the damage
Only years after we're through
Don't let it take a hold of you

  • 1 No Way
  • 2 A Million Miles Away
  • 3 Powwow Highway 49 (In Aih)
  • 4 My Heart Drops but I'm Proud
  • 5 Creator Way
  • 6 Magic in the Night
  • 7 First Come, Last Served
  • 8 Don't Wash Your Tears Away
  • 9 Indian Man
  • 10 Same Old Door
  • 11 Flute Dance

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    script: Latin