Who Sang Capo Status (2nd Take)? Jim Jones

Jim Jones On My Way to Church cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-8-24
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 1:17

Man I avoided that hooscal so my times man (so many times)
Trust me and I know what it feel like, that shit is ugly
Shouts to all my soldiers locked in behing the g-wall (Hell Rell!)
Free Sheik Ali, that's the big homie, smell me (Tah! Rene!)
Shouts to real hustlers, real OGs man, (Teter!)
I know you gotta pay that rent (I know), I ain't mad at cha (uhuh)
I dont fault you for that (no)
I went through same struggle nigga
I got mines tho and I'm still doin it, just holla! (Dipset)

Man, I was one transaction away (just one!)
From getting blammed or trapped in a cage (Rikers)
A thousand grams with crack on the way (that kilo)
Baking soda, pyrex (vision!), i was cooking grams
Be draining the scoop and the scraping of every nook and cranny (gimme all that)
And sitting and saw it and it hardened like some cooked up candy (mmmwua!)
Slabs and illusion for the Ave distribution (shawty take this stack)
Watch for the squalie them bastards is moving (watch the boys)
You know the task and 'em cruising with badges pertruding (I can't take it)
So we twist up reefer, gulp ?? in litres (that purple!)
Man we make movies, no pulp fiction either (that drama)
Man it's violence they fear and sirens you hear (wooo, wooo, woo)
Cause the tyrants live here and the minors don't care (fuck that!)
In the midst of the jungle, the lions and bears (Grrrrrr!)
If they blitz and you fumble you'll get tried for some years (you fucked up, money)
We done cried out some tears over homies that be gone that been died over years
Holla at me dawg (That's for life)

CD 1
  • 1 On My Way to Church (Intro)
  • 2 Capo Status (1st Take)
  • 3 Only One Way Up
  • 4 This Is Jim Jones
  • 5 Let's Ride
  • 6 Certified Gangstaz
  • 7 Jamaican Joint
  • 8 End of the Road
  • 9 Shotgun Fire
  • 10 Capo Status (2nd Take)
  • 11 Lovely Daze/Memory Lane
  • 12 Spanish Fly
  • 13 Livin Life as a Ridah
  • 14 Twin Towers
  • 15 When Thugs Die
  • 16 This Is Gangsta
  • 17 Crunk Muzik
  • 18 Bend N Stretch
  • 19 Talking to the World
  • 20 Capo Status (Final Take)
  • 21 On My Way to Church (Outro)