Who Sang Get It Poppin? Jim Jones feat. Jha Jha & Princess

Princess Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-11-7
length: 4:01
performer: Jha Jha

[Verse 1 – Jha Jha]
Now I am fresh out of bail, harder, flyer than a motherfuck
I don't do them baby hoes, something like a rover truck
Something like a hustler got it running through my blood
You ain’t bout that money, well honey I don't give a fuck
Tryna ball witty on me, cost about a stack
Got my booty shorts on but you can’t see da stash
My shawty in the hood said he like it like that
He put it on me good and I throw it right back
I'm a player, I'm a pimp
I'll stick you up for your riches and all your chips
Give me the keys, I want the juice
The credit cards, the dogs, and house too
They see I'm doing good, they see I'm getting paid
I still be in the hood representing for the day
Now [?] want to hate, try to stop em, Imma fade
I was sought in the game but I'm still getting cake

[Hook – Jha Jha + Jim Jones]
[Jha Jha]
If you a G let me see
You ain't got to pay for the dinner, it's on me
Let's get it poppin shawty let's get it poppin shawty
I get it poppin shawty let's get it poppin shawty
[Jim Jones]
We got the cars, buy out the bars
Drop the tops on the ceiling, you see the stars
We get it poppin shawty I get it poppin shawty
We get it poppin shawty we get it poppin shawty

[Verse 2 – Jim Jones]
Now what bitch don't want me, young rich G
Gun beneath the seat, pushing 100 on the V
Hand on the rocks, two seater how you call that
Lamborghini drop, two divas how you solve that
Easy, just loosen up the bra strap, make 'em feel sexy
Push the roof on the car back
And then you let the breeze do the foreplay
And then you let the V do the horseplay
Turn the city streets to a horse race, burn rubber
The [?] mother, I got no cover, hoes love us
And I only fear the Lord above us
So if you want me come and get me, make it good motherfucker
Tell the haters compliment that
I play with paper by the ten stack
I love ladies with a shoe fetish, I tell her baby I got a coupe fetish
You want to ride with a G?


[Verse 3 – Princess]
Now I can get it poppin if you ready for us
Starting with them shopping sprees
I'm giving hints so they already know it, who said love don't cost a thing
I'm from the city where the chicks are thick
Bling up on they neck and wrist
And niggas popping bottles while the ladies rock they hips
You get to know me and I'll teach you something
To go from little money flossing to doing super stunting
I'm always grinding so I'm getting money
Stick with me and you'll go far
Them other chicks you digging come a dime a dozen
You say that you a G, well nigga let me see
I'll take you places where you never thought that you would be
I got a sassy mouth and yeah I'm from the south
And you could tell because you see my hips and ass poked out
I'm just best no doubt, let’s go it ain't no thang
Princess, I'm the chick and don't forget my name
And this here won’t change you better show respect
Or we can really get it popping, Jha Jha Crime Mob and Dipset


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 So Harlem
  • 3 Bright Lights, Big City
  • 4 Emotionless
  • 5 Reppin’ Time
  • 6 Pin the Tail
  • 7 Get It Poppin
  • 8 Mr Cool
  • 9 We Fly High
  • 10 Voicemail Skit
  • 11 Love of My Life
  • 12 Voicemail Skit 2
  • 13 Weatherman
  • 14 Don’t Push Me Away
  • 15 Pour Wax
  • 16 Freekey Zekey Skit
  • 17 Don’t Forget About Me
  • 18 I Know
  • 19 My Life
  • 20 Concrete Jungle