Who Sang Precious? Jim Jones feat. Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie Pray IV Reign cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-3-24
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:10
[Chorus: Ryan Leslie]
Shorty you precious, and you goin' love how I put it down (yeah)
I see you watching, so let's not mess around (no)
No hesitating, cause I got what you're looking for, (Oh yeah, yeah)
And I got one word, one word to describe ya,
Oh, you're precious.

[Jim Jones]
(Uh, Jones)
Whoa, whoa, shorty You know you precious (Sexy)
Hands down a little more then impressive,(Such a diva)
You could afford to be selective,
If you've got a man he need a be over protective, (He better watch out)
No game just telling you my perspective,(uh huh)
I would try to scoop you if I didn't even direct,(Without a deal)
She'll leave a ***** breathless, now who you came with is who they say you done left with, (Jones)
You got a love her, every the morning you got breakfast
And she don't be going through my phone like no detective (Babe)
Seeing me with you got them sicker than asbestos (Oh)
You ain't gotta love it they gotta ****ing respect it,(You better do that)
If I were you, I would get up on some neck ****
If I send the goons out somebody's gonna make an exit (Bird game)
She come and get me if I get arrested,(Ow)
Lil' mama do the unexpected, (Uh huh)
Cause Shorty's she's a rider, (Such a rider)


[Jim Jones]
Every Obama needs a Michelle, (A first lady)
So little mama won't you be my Michelle,(Uh)
Michelle, my belle, I want you on my team, can't you tell, (Uh huh)
Wanna buy you pretty things like bags from Chanel,
Texting on the phone I got you laughing on your cell, (You like that?)
SMH, LOL, with a smiley face (Nasty) talking dirty got me hotter than a fireplace, (Go)
Whats the deal, is you trying to get baked, take you out the fridge and put your *** on broil, (Go)
Treat you like milk I'll let your *** get spoiled, (And?)
Said you wanna ride, I bought you brand new toys,(Take that take that)
So tell cupid that I seen my target, pretty face, and a body like a Greek goddess,(She's a dime)
A diva, closet like Neiman Marcus (C'mon) work on a new fashion before it hits the market,

[Chorus: x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Pulling Me Back
  • 3 Let It Out
  • 4 How to Be a Boss
  • 5 Medicine
  • 6 Frenemies
  • 7 Precious
  • 8 Blow the Bank
  • 9 This Is for My Bitches
  • 10 Girlfriend
  • 11 This Is the Life
  • 12 My My My
  • 13 Pop Off
  • 14 Pop Champagne
  • 15 Rain
  • 16 Na Na Nana Na Na