Who Sang All I Do? Jim Jones feat. Yo Gotti & Big Tyme

Big Tyme We Own the Night, Part 2: Memoirs of a Hustler cover art
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Release Date: 2014-9-9
length: 4:03

[Intro: Jim Jones]
A-and then, and then the police gon' ask me my name
And I'm like "Huh? Is he trippin' or nah?"
Fuck is he talkin' bout? What's my lawyer name, nigga?
Haha! Jones

[Hook: Big Tyme] (x2)
My bitch asked me what's my government
And I said I don't remember that shit
I just bought my moms a half a million dollar house
I hope that she remember that shit

[Bridge: Big Tyme] (x2)
I said all I do is get to the paper
And the money called a nigga so I had to see you later

[Verse 1: Jim Jones]
It's not too much that I do remember
I was in Miami around December
Bunch of pool parties in back of the shore
Bitches on the yak comin' back to the shore
I ain't bring clothes, just paper
Droptop Rose for the haters
New York is cold so I made the move
Once she got on top, she could make it move
This that shit fuck up ya rent
I was drunk when I parked, fucked up a dent
Just another night on the town
Every night, this is how it going down
Gon' party till the sun come up
And we go hard till the money's all up
So you know how a nigga like adding?
Two bad bitches just to sum it all up
I'm fuckin' these bitches? I don't know
Tell me some shit that I don't know
Nigga fuck around, go bankrupt
In the club fuckin' up a bankroll
Drunk, takin' pictures on IG
Wit' my niggas, my niggas like YG
Please, my nigga, don't try me
Cause my hitters, my niggas catch bodies

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
I can't afford this shit I got off of no rap money
You can't afford the shit I drive cause you ain't got money
Niggas name droppin' on whip countin', carry the hoes, you cock blockin'
Momma just went house shoppin', sister just went watch shoppin'
20K in the neighborhood, young boys wit' Glocks shoppin'
5 mill, 6 mill, still doin', I ain't stoppin'
Audemar, that's a hundun! Hundred rounds, that's a hundun!
Buffet of that beef, nigga, anybody come get some
Don't do squash, fuck vegetables, anything that's questionable
Put his ass on life support, turn his ass to a vegetable
Go to war wit' us, you know the outcome
Don't you say my name when them laws come

[Hook + Bridge]

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