Who Sang I Don't Know? Jimmy Bruno & Joe Beck

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length: 5:57
I need your love so badly, I love you, oh, so madly
But I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you!
I thought at last I'd found you, but other lovers surround you
And "I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you!"
If you'd surrender just for a tender kiss or two
You might discover, that I'm the lover meant for you
And I'd be true, but what's the good of scheming
I know I must be dreaming

  • 1 Killer Joe
  • 2 Zanzibar
  • 3 Quidado
  • 4 Unspoken Words
  • 5 So Long
  • 6 I Don't Know
  • 7 Prime Meridian
  • 8 Body & Soul
  • 9 The Journey
  • 10 A Taste of Honey
  • 11 Invitation

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    script: Latin