Who Sang Ruby? Jimmy Ponder

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 7:02
membranophone: Greg Bandy
engineer: Rudy van Gelder
organ: Dr. Lonnie Smith
guitar: Jimmy Ponder
percussion: Lawrence Killian
They say, Ruby you're like a dream
Not always what you seem
And though my heart may break when I awake
Let it be so
I only know, Ruby, it's you

They say, Ruby you're like a song
You don't know right from wrong
And in your eyes I see heart aches for me
But from the start, who stole my heart?
Ruby, it's you
I hear your voice and I must come to you
I have no choice what else can I do?

They say, Ruby you're like a flame
Into my life you came
And though I should beware
Still I don't care you thrill me so

CD 1
  • 1 To Reach a Dream
  • 2 You Are Too Beautiful
  • 3 Ruby
  • 4 Bumpin' on Sunset
  • 5 Oleo
  • 6 At Last
  • 7 This Bitter Earth
  • 8 Don't B Flat Blues