Who Sang Understand? Jme

Release information
Release Date: 2006-11
length: 3:21

Don't understand (don't understand me)
Don't understand Jamie
I'm here
In the flesh
Don't understand, do they?
Actually, overstand
Yeah, listen

[Verse 1]
I see guys rolling in big whips
With bulletproof vests and straps on their hips
If they see me and they stop
And reverse the car then blud, it's on top
Keep a straight face when you see these guys
These guys can see the fear in your eyes
I'm not a shook one, but I'm smart
I don't want them to drag me into the ride
They're driving slow, now I feel to run
My heart is beating like a kick drum
Ten things go through my brain quickly
Like "maybe they're not looking for me"
All of a sudden, reality hits
As they skid up the curb and jump out the whip
I'm not talking about beef
I'm on about the flipping police
Jme don't take backchat
Controller, mic, Jme, me, dat's
Jme don't take no shit
Blud, long ting, a, not, is it
See, I am not a prick
Batty get will take as mick
My name's Jme
Me, test, try, can't MCs, free
Serious, I will brush your chin
Quickly, second, split a in
Yeah, Meridian Crew
We kill man, us test, can't you
But serious man like us
Basis regular, eight on chins buss
You better understand
Backwards chat can be like nang

[Hook] (x4)
You don't understand me
You don't understand me
You don't understand me
You don't understand me
But I don't care, man

[Verse 2]
When I started the game, I picked up a cue
Every five minutes, I get two shots
Never get caught with the white in the pocket
I get rid of the 8 ball in couple shots
I pot the 8 ball by eye
Cause in maths, I weren't a fool
Real guys understand what I shot
But the little boys think I'm talking 'bout pool
You've got bare diamonds, but you're a joker
You get jacked four times like a smoker
You shot four Qs and think you're dealing
You're not a dealer, pick up two for mistake
I can see that you got four fours
But you won't buss them, you've got too much heart
I only use spades and clubs in war
Need to roll with a new pack
Your cats say meow, mine say "alright, blud?"
Your dubs are black and mine are white, blud
You won't understand till next season
We both cut dub, but not for the same reason
You use a needle ting
I use a razor, I shot my dub for bling
You don't shot, you're on some [?] flex
With a bag or some bait ting using decks
I don't care if I'm driving or in the passenger
I stay strapped
Better to be safe than sorry, I'll be strapped up
Even if I'm in the back
If you think I'm on about a gun
You're a negative geezer
See, I'm on about road safety in the car
Like that advert with a pizza

[Hook] (x4)
You don't understand me
You don't understand me
You don't understand me
You don't understand me
But I don't care, man

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