Who Sang Long Way to Go? Joe Budden feat. Mr. Probz

Mr. Probz Mood Muzik 3: The Album cover art
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Release Date: 2008-2-26
length: 4:36
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im feeling tired and the pain shows
your such a long way to go now
such a long way to go, gotta be strong by myself now, such a long road.
So so cold weaken all my bones,but I gotta work hard just to reach my goal
such a long way to go, so many miles left but im here now

please lord something gotta give, they say for every negative there's a positive. but i aint positive for every buck deposited, we still in the hood livin like hostages. never mind colleges, school of hardknock scholarship dealing with politics, i would just self success in the store if i could bottle it, but i aint a millionaire won't see me at forbes son, life is like a beach chair when you can afford one. ruger loaded just incase the war come, might as well everything iss comin to the forefront. we declare & just to think & f___ a drink and my two-step n____ I'm two-steps from a drink. so pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds, no matter how high up the mountain, i stay climbing. freedom i keep chanting, so if i fall like beyonce I just get back up and keep dancing.


never met a goal that i couldn't reach, never been a lesson i couldn't teach. i done been thru the world and back, f___ school i got all the facts. all i do is stand tall, when they got my back against the wall, whne its game time all we do is ball. my n____s'll be here in one call, one call. when s___ gets heavy all i do is pick up the phone aint gotta go through nothing alone, when s___ get heavy all i do is pick up the phone aint gotta walk through this world alone, if I'm on my own.

keep on standing on my own 2 feet, everytime that i cry, when i sweat, when i bleed. see nothing can stop me no nothing except mee.


im chasing after pies with bags under my eyes, you looking at my representative mask is a disguise, and i don't do things like i used to. the past is the past, im presently thinkin` bout the future. certain n____s bettin i fall, im speed joggin through the quick sand, im jugglin 3 medicine b____ see im coming up, used to share a room with 2 cell-mates now i tower over the devil but this aint hell date. long way to go i see my feet getting blisters. how dare em' talk to me like mike richards or play don imus, & think its cool to disrespect our sisters i guess we gotta wyle fore' they actually get the picture. i think about virginia tech, i think about katrina. n____s that caught sean bell slippin with the nina. a day before the wedding, safety off the weapon, though all these things play in my head i keeep steppin`.

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    label: Amalgam Digital
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 892918002012
    script: Latin