Who Sang Homemade Gun? Joe Rockhead

Release information
Release Date: 1991
length: 2:18
I got a gun in my pocket that I made from scratch
Like the bear in Davy Crockett you met your match
A victim of abuse when I was a kid
I make no excuses I keep the truth hid
Its out in the open and plain to see
I'm payin back the world for what's been done to me
I'm turning the tables your fuckin paying the price
Stay inside when you're able you better take my advice

I'm taking no prisoners I'm shooting to kill
I'm mad getting madder say I cant but I will
I ain't got nothing to lose I haven't already lost
Ill get what I can no matter what the cost
Stay outta sight this is a mission I'm on
You wanna put up a fight tell me how you fight a time bomb

A tick ticking time bomb

Set into motion by people closing their eyes
Now your feeling the explosion now your acting surprised
A victim of a nation to blind to see
The slow disintegration of society
So turn out the lights and write my name on a tag
The party's just starting you better bring a lotta body bags
You better bring a lotta bodybags

CD 1
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  • 3 Sweet Life
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