Who Sang Nobody's Heart? Joe Williams

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length: 3:18
Nobody's heart belongs to me
Heigh-ho, who cares?
Nobody writes his songs to me
No one belongs to me
That's the least of my cares
I may be sad at times and disinclined to play
But it's not bad at times to go your own sweet way
Nobody's arms belong to me
No arms feel strong to me
I admire the moon
As a moon
Just a moon
Nobody's heart belongs to me today

Ride, Amazon, ride
Hunt your stags and bears
Take life in its stride
Heigh-ho, who cares?
Go hunting with pride
Track bears to their lairs
Ride, Amazon, ride
Heigh-ho, who cares?

Nobody's heart belongs to me
Heigh-ho, that's bad
Love's never sung her songs to me
I have never been had
I've had no trial in the game of man and maid
I'm like a violin that no one's ever played
Words about love are Greek to me
Nice girls won't speak to me
I despise the moon
As a moon
It's a prune
Nobody's heart belongs to me today

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