Who Sang Entre nous? John Cale

John Cale Walking on Locusts cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: Classic Rock
length: 3:43
I never asked you to change - entre nous
It's not easy to say
The instability of you makes things clear
Continuity of you is motionless
Never want you to change - entre nous
It's the sun and the moon - entre nous
It's the rich and the poor again
It's the strong and the weak without you
And the time in the past with you
It's opening the door and walking through
It's your point of view and you
Clean my slate and trip my wire
Cut the wood and light the fire
Disturb the peace in Heresfordshire - entre nous
The rain in the plain never reached Spain
the traffic is backed up on the Cote d'Azur
You missed your train form there to here - entre nous
The satellite dish will you beam you through
The comedy begins Shakespeare at the zoo - entre nous
There's a silence in you and me too
There 's nothing new back there
Talking about it made is worse - less is more
It wasn't clear at all how the time had passed
The gangs are moving in around the block
Keep your head down it's not going to stop
It's the bridge and the canyon - entre nous
If the weather breaks I'll see you

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