Who Sang My Wild Love? John Foxx

John Foxx The Golden Section cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1983-9-26
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: New Wave/Synth-pop
length: 3:46
producer: John Foxx and Zeus B. Held
lead vocals: John Foxx
mixer: Tim Palmer
recording engineer: Alan Barson
keyboard: Zeus B. Held
guitar & keyboard: John Foxx
drums (drum set) & keyboard: Paul Wickens
composer: John Foxx
lyricist: John Foxx
My wild love is a love that goes deeper each day
My wild dream is a dream of the sea
My whole life, I feel is turning away
From the man I thought I would be
For my wild love, my wild love....
Walking, I've been walking
As the moon rose on the waves
Remembering how things used to be
Before everything was changed
I see your face in stained glass windows
I touch your heart, it's the heart of the sea
You come to meet me through millions of sunsets
No-one else would ever believe in my wild love
My wild love....

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 My Wild Love
  • 2 Someone
  • 3 Your Dress
  • 4 Running Across Thin Ice With Tigers
  • 5 Sitting at the Edge of the World
  • 6 Endlessly
  • 7 Ghosts on Water
  • 8 Like a Miracle
  • 9 The Hidden Man
  • 10 Twilight’s Last Gleaming