Who Sang Your Dress? John Foxx

John Foxx The Golden Section cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1983-9-26
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: New Wave/Synth-pop
length: 4:27
producer: Zeus B. Held and John Foxx
lead vocals: John Foxx
mixer: Tim Palmer
recording engineer: Alan Barson
bass: Joe Dworniak
keyboard: Zeus B. Held
guitar & keyboard: John Foxx
drums (drum set): Paul Wickens
synthesizer programming: J.J. Jeczalik
composer: John Foxx
lyricist: John Foxx
Put on your dress
Ah now I can see you
Across the room, the oldest ocean
It rolls and it flows
And there's a hush and a shimmer
And a rush and a glimmer
And a glide inside
And a glow....
And every move we make now
And every stop we take now
Is a new unknown
Put on your dress.....
Now I put on my suit
Ah look
And you can't see me at all
I can step through any crowd
And me and my shadow
Well, we just dissolve
But there's always a secret light
And I can always find
Some kind of a private sign
A hidden music that stays
And it plays even when the town gets
Turned 'round at night
Put on your dress
Slow burning stars
Tumble across your shoulders
Oh take your time now
You know you always take my breath
Put out the light
Ah now we can see more clearly than ever
I think we're drifting at the edge of the world
You turn around and smile
And there's nothing left
No no no there's nothing left
Put on your dress

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Someone
  • 3 Your Dress
  • 4 Running Across Thin Ice With Tigers
  • 5 Sitting at the Edge of the World
  • 6 Endlessly
  • 7 Ghosts on Water
  • 8 Like a Miracle
  • 9 The Hidden Man
  • 10 Twilight’s Last Gleaming