Who Sang The One That Got Away? John Gorka

John Gorka Land of the Bottom Line cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Folk Rock/Country Rock
length: 3:47
I grew up beneath the trees
Not far from the refineries
Aimed at the sky like smoking guns
I learned to walk, I learned to run away
In tracing back our history
It's a wonder how we came to be
A love driven through a dozen states
With your technique for keeping me awake

The day we met is still a blur
Though I remember just how nice you were
And what you wore in Central Park
And how you left before the darkness fell


(Now) I cry over these strings
This sentimental case of things
Though I'm better with each passing day
I guess you'll be the one that got away

'Cause everyone has one of those
You wear them like you wear your clothes
Except they don't come off at night They are the space you hold up to the light

And somewhere along the line
You'll turn into a friend of mine
Who knows of my unspoken cares
Amid the aftermath of love affairs



Now I stand beneath these trees
Not far from the refineries
Aimed at the sky like a smoking gun
I'll learn to walk, I'll learn to run again

CD 1
  • 1 Land of the Bottom Line
  • 2 Armed With a Broken Heart
  • 3 Raven in the Storm
  • 4 The One That Got Away
  • 5 Full of Life
  • 6 Stranger in My Driver's Seat
  • 7 The Sentinel
  • 8 Dream Street
  • 9 Mean Streak
  • 10 Italian Girls
  • 11 Jailbirds in the Bighouse
  • 12 Promnight in Pigtown
  • 13 I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair
  • 14 Love Is Our Cross to Bear
  • 15 That's How Legends Are Made