Who Sang Man of Stone? John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Crusade cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1967-9-1
length: 2:30
composer: Eddie Kirkland
It could have been a million years ago or maybe yesterday
I crawled out of this wilderness, a debt I had to pay
I must have tipped the scales somewhere way back
Never saw the seeds I'd sewn
So now I travel backwards, looking for a man of stone

A foggy night, a neon light I've seen him standing there
Movin' where the shadows creep, no he never did play fair
And one night I almost got him, but I knew you'd tapped my phone
And communication is dangerous, lookin' for a man of stone

With Juan in Argentina I thought I saw him in the street
In a seaplane over Hydra he sat in the captain's seat
And I've chased him from the Colosseum down the Spanish steps in Rome
And history just gets hazy, lookin' for a man of stone

In the mornin' out your I saw him leanin' on a tree
Wearin' a snappy suit of grey and then he motioned to me
He pointed with his finger, as if to say my soul he owned
But I had sold that long ago to you, lookin' for a man of stone

Now I sit in this burnt out barn they call The Raven's Nest
Drinkin' Bloody Monkeys 7, your name tattooed on my chest
Sometimes I think of Juan or you or sometimes I think of him
And sometimes I don't think of anything but lookin' for
(That's right)
A man of stone

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