Who Sang Lonely Ol' Night (live)? John Mellencamp

Release information
Release Date: 1993
length: 4:25
lyricist: John Mellencamp
composer: John Mellencamp
She calls me home
She says baby it's a lonely ol' night
I don't know
I'm just so scared and lonely all at the same time
Nobody told me
She was gonna work out this way no no no no no no
I guess they knew
We'd work it out in our own way

It's a lonely ol' night
Can I put my arms around you?
It's a lonely ol nigh
Custom made for two lonely people like me and you

Radio playin' softly
Some singer's sad sad song
He's singing about
Standing in the shadows of love
I guess it feels awfully alone
She says I know
Exactly what he means yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And it's a sad sad sad sad feeling
When you're living on those in betweens
(But it's OK)


She calls me baby
She calls everybody baby
It's a lonely ol' night
But ain't they all?


Girl like me and you
Yeah like me and you

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