Who Sang I Shall See Him? John P. Kee

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length: 5:42
Verse 1:
I shall see Him for myself.
I shall see Him for myself.
He is Lord, every tongue shall confess,
in the beauty of His holiness;

Chorus 1:
I shall see Him for myself.

Verse 2:
I shall walk the streets of gold,
tell a story that's never been told;
that is where I shall take my rest,
in the beauty of His holiness,

Chorus 2:
I shall see Him for myself,
for myself.

Behold the face of the Lamb
that was slain to redeem mankind
and to return again, return again.

Chorus 2:

Vamp 1:
I shall,
I will,
I shall,
I'll behold His face,
behold His face.

Vamp 2:
I shall behold Him,
I shall behold Him,
face to face, with Him I shall reign.

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  • 5 The Lord is Able
  • 6 I Shall See Him
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  • 8 Made Up Mind
  • 9 Survive
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  • 11 Be Encouraged
  • 12 I Surrender
  • 13 No Christmas Without You
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    script: Latin