Who Sang I Won't Leave You Anymore? John P. Kee

John P. Kee Colorblind cover art
Release information
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Gospel
length: 5:45
verse 1:
with an attitude, I turned my back on you
told someone that I would not return
remembering that day, I vowed to stay away
but your tender voice I did hear say,
"oh, John, I love you and I know you love me, too.
but to me your heart must be true."

I won't leave you anymore; there's no exit there's no door
that can attract me or make me turn my back to thee
I won't leave you anymore (2x)

not wanting to obey, your word I did stray
wanting to do all things my very own way
there I was so sad, no friends I felt I had
To hear my cry, to hear my plea
and then you said, "here am I, your tears I'll dry.
I don't want to see you crying, I will forgive you, Don't you know you're mine?"


thank you for your grace, an opportunity to share another chance
you said if I draw nigh to you, you will draw nigh to me, now I want the whole world to see


I won't leave you anymore

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