Prologue Lyrics - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash The Holy Land cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1969-1
Genre: Non-Music Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country/Gospel/Religious/Spoken Word
length: 0:55
We are in the Holy Land
The ground upon which I stand is sacred to the Jew the Christian Moslem Islam
To millions of people the world over and has been throughout the ages
This is the promised land
The land that God showed to Moses from a top Mount Nebo
Which we can see in the distance
At this place in Galilee the sound of God's voice has been heard
As He spoke to the prophets
Once man heard God's voice when He said of his son Jesus Christ
This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased
Such a blessing to be able to hear the voice of God has been given to very few
But such a blessing was given to the Land of Israel

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 Land of Israel
  • 3 A Mother's Love
  • 4 This Is Nazareth
  • 5 Nazarene
  • 6 Town of Cana
  • 7 He Turned the Water Into Wine
  • 8 My Wife June at Sea of Galilee
  • 9 Beautiful Words
  • 10 Our Guide Jacob at Mount Tabor
  • 11 The Ten Commandments
  • 12 Daddy Sang Bass
  • 13 At the Wailing Wall
  • 14 Come to the Wailing Wall
  • 15 In Bethlehem
  • 16 In Garden of Gethsemane
  • 17 The Fourth Man
  • 18 On the Via Dolorosa
  • 19 Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • 20 At Calvary
  • 21 God Is Not Dead