These Are My People Lyrics - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash America: A 200-Year Salute in Story and Song cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Johnny R. Cash
Release Date: 1972
length: 2:39
producer: Larry Butler
writer: Johnny Cash
These are my people
This is a land where my forefathers lie
These are my people
In brotherhood, we're heirs of a creed to live by
A creed that proclaims that by loved one's blood stains
This is my land and these are my people

These are my people
They were born on and lived by the land
These are my people
And their cities were raised by hardworking hands
And their faces do tell that they're holding on well
To this, their land
Yes, these are my people

These are my people
These are the ones who will reach for the stars
These are my people
By the light of the Earth, you can tell they are ours
A new step to take and a new day will break
For this, my land
Yes these are my people

These are my people

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