Who Sang Say You Love me? Johnson

Release information
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Acoustic/Soft Rock/Pop Rock/Ballad
length: 4:14
Killing me the softness of your voice
Dying from the warmth within your kiss
Longing for the tender of your touch
I'll never throw this chance away
Breathing heavy now we're all alone
Tightly tightening do my insides groan
Standing up are my securities
I'll never throw this chance away

I'm an uncontrollable fire
I'm walking on a wire
I'm scared to tell the truth
What I might do with you

Say you love me lie if you need to,
Cry if you need to
Say you love me tell me it's alright

Holding you as tight as my arms will
Realising that I love you still
Promise anything I promise you
I'll never throw this chance away

It's alright for you to not understand
Maybe you've never felt what I'm feeling
I'll love you like no-one else can
That's why I'm begging you to stay.

Say you love me
Lie if you need to
Die if you need to

CD 1
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  • 2 Say You Love me
  • 3 Try
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  • 5 Alone
  • 6 Eased
  • 7 God Bless Me
  • 8 High
  • 9 Silvertape
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