Who Sang Thunder? Jon and Vangelis

Jon and Vangelis Short Stories cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1979
length: 2:14
keyboard: Vangelis
synthesizer: Vangelis
lead vocals: Jon Anderson
engineer: Raphael Preston
composer: Vangelis
lyricist: Jon Anderson
Oh, sevens worth a say, like a lie, five and one
My favourite died in pain, by a guy, son of a gun

He jumped through the horse I guess,
Disappeared, no mess.
Hell! We'll just have to rest, follow me down,
If you ca-an, follow slowly.
Thus enter as we may, by a hole, in the floor.
Deep darker than the black, seemed to hear,
Many a rat.

Tried harder as I fought, thought my life,
Finally brought.
Knees trembling in my legs,
Wish to get out, out and about
Out and about.
Here, now, fear, let me free
Now, here, now.
Don't leave me fast here, oh please
You won't let me live again!

This way.
Come, don't be so afraid
By the fire, sit beside
Change all your whims and cares
To the tide of the night
This thought occurred to me
Did the ghost, disappear
Fire deep my heart my soul
Chase him off
Very clear, very clearly.

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  • 5 The Road
  • 6 Far Away in Baagad
  • 7 Love Is
  • 8 One More Time
  • 9 Thunder
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