Who Sang Much Better Reason? Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson Animation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1982-5
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Synth-pop/Prog Rock
length: 4:24
producer: Jon Anderson and Neil Kernon
membranophone: Simon Phillips
vocal: Jon Anderson
bass: Stefano Cerri
guitar: Clem Clempson
keyboard: David Sancious
acoustic guitar: Jon Anderson
writer: Jon Anderson
She would travel most each day
Down a lonely road, a winding way
Just to purchase from a shop
Where an eager villain waited there
Just to sell her smiles
Just to say la la
say la la
Cost was not important
It was the way her body made it right
Lost among her passion where
Relief was fast the pain was nice
Quick way for a smile
Just to smile la la -- la la
Looking in her eyes I saw
I could see her looking back at me
I asked if she would dance the night
She reminded me
I'd seen her once before
A long time ago --
There you go, I softly spoke
You smile but not be joyful
I wanna know, I wanna know
Why is it hard for you to feel good
And the she laughed looked at me
And said it's really not your business
It's not for you to know
You see the spell was broke
I took her arm please be seated
This won't take too long
Problem is so old and spent
I begin to wonder
Why you went
Smiling shops your eyes
Your smile is no surprise
no surprise
Let me write it down I said
'Cos I know you are afraid of me
I'll explain in a kind of rhyme
So's not to scare ya
Not to scare your senses
Not at all
Hear me now, concentrate
You go into a mirror
Into a shop a selling shop
It's where you go back for your pleasure
He lets you smile
You're on display
He lets you loose identity
loose identity
OH Questa Vitoria
Santa Maria
Questa Dela
OH Questa Vitoria
Santa Maria
Questa Dela
Well I guess I touched the secret note
I guess I got it right so right
You ask am I supposed to see
What has bee

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