Song Noir Lyrics - Jon Auer

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Release information
Release Date: 2006-5-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Folk Rock
length: 2:58
It's the summer in the Spring of December
Quiet raindrops fall in my mind
Another drink and another deception
Let it flower and die on the vine

I'm crashing on my ceiling
Stand up and take the fall
Sometimes I swear it was intentional
Sometimes I care nothing at all.

Oh my love how the days are long and cold
How I hate that I still wait for you to call

Nothing stings like December rain.

Now it's the winter in the spring of December
The ice melts in time
My lips are cracked and I am broken
I think I 'm loosing my mind

Oh my love how the drinks are long and tall
And how I hate that I still wait for you at all.

Nothing stings like December rain
And nothing sings like a sad refrain
Would you appear if I said your name?
Again and again and again and again

Nothing stings like December rain...

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