Who Sang Here for You? Jon Walker

Release information
Release Date: 2011-10-18
length: 3:37
i'm all packed up, i got all my stuff
in a black suitcase that i've had for years
i have no tears cause i lost my fears
now i have the time
time to have some fun
i don't want to get a job
so i can buy things i don't need
they sold it to us as a dream
monkey see, monkey do

theres nothing left for me here
if theres nothing left for you
i cant tell you what to do
figure it out for yourself
but i will always be here for you
i will always be here for you
a better life is a simple one
with a love that flows throughout your veins
its not easy to contain
nor should it ever be
share that love with me
i don't believe in destiny
but i know the people that i meet
will always be special to me
monkey see, monkey do

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