Who Sang Vibes? Jon Wayne and The Pain

Release information
Release Date: 2010-4-20
length: 3:37
I think you're alright, a true friend you've been.
A light shines through to me from you.
As peace and love combine I find,
we fight against this turning tide.
Resisting small and evil minds.
There is a path that you can find.
But only if seen in your mind,
is room to spare for you and I.
Cause now be just a wrinkle in this time,
please dont fuss and fight,
and please dont drop a dime,
cause we don't have much time
It's been a long time coming, Yeah.
It's been a long time coming Yeah.
Surrender to the thieves propositioners of greed, taking everthing they see,
not how I would wanna be.
I would rather bleed and die
than be superficialized,
and try to shine a light now while I'm living this life,
Oh while Im staying alive.
I think you're just what I need,
a breath of fresh air for this fiend.
And yet alone my friends
these good vibrations
they will never end.
Not as far as I could see,
and not as far as I believe.
When these good vibes arive on time,
it makes me feel so g****** fine,
that I be lifted, I be lifted 10 feet high.

CD 1
  • 1 Vibes
  • 2 Extended Family
  • 3 Stone Cold Gold
  • 4 Follow Through
  • 5 Send One
  • 6 John Wayne's Body
  • 7 So This Is Goodbye Raleigh
  • 8 Candyman
  • 9 Move Away
  • 10 Ska Cake Reggae
  • 11 Agent Known
  • 12 Out of Space
  • 13 Fire
  • 14 85mph Food Fight
  • 15 My Whole World