Who Sang 49 Hairflips? Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson Rare Birds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-3-2
length: 5:11
producer: Jonathan Wilson
piano: Jonathan Wilson
vocal: Jonathan Wilson, Krystle Warren and J. Tillman
mixer: Dave Cerminara and Jonathan Wilson
engineer: Dave Cerminara
additional producer: Jeff Ramuno
violin: Tom Lea
bass: Jonathan Wilson
guitar: Jonathan Wilson
viola: Tom Lea
percussion: Jonathan Wilson
cello: Derek Stein and Peter Jacobson
sampler: Jonathan Wilson
synthesizer: Jonathan Wilson
strings arranger: Tom Lea
drums (drum set): Jonathan Wilson
writer: Jonathan Wilson
composer: Jonathan Wilson
lyricist: Jonathan Wilson
We were burning we were looting
We were learning one or two things about life
We should **** right in front of them
Just to show them our light

We’ll be ****ing we’ll be sucking
While the rest of them were posting their lives
These kids will never rock again
Sign of the times

Yeah rimming and shooting
I'm so destitute without your love
You’re mother earth ecstasy
I call it divine

Spinning and hurting
Theres no resolution tonight
When will I breathe deep again again
Is there laughter in sight?

Forty-nine hairflips
Forty-nine hairflips on Dayquil

I believe in you
Do you believe in me ?
No we don’t believe in anything

I’m not leaving these walls
Without the prettiest song I can find
I miss your laugh most of all
I really miss it tonight

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  • 2 Me
  • 3 Over the Midnight
  • 4 There's a Light
  • 5 Sunset Blvd
  • 6 Rare Birds
  • 7 49 Hairflips
  • 8 Miriam Montague
  • 9 Loving You
  • 10 Living With Myself
  • 11 Hard To Get Over
  • 12 Hi Ho the Righteous
  • 13 Mulholland Queen