Who Sang Hard To Get Over? Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson Rare Birds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-3-2
length: 6:31
producer: Jonathan Wilson
piano: Jonathan Wilson
vocal: Jonathan Wilson and Jeff Ramuno
mixer: Dave Cerminara and Jonathan Wilson
engineer: Dave Cerminara
additional producer: Jeff Ramuno
violin: Tom Lea
guitar: Jonathan Wilson
Hammond organ: Jonathan Wilson
viola: Tom Lea
cello: Peter Jacobson and Derek Stein
sampler: Jonathan Wilson
synthesizer: Jonathan Wilson
strings arranger: Tom Lea
drums (drum set): Jonathan Wilson
bass guitar: Jonathan Wilson
vocoder: Jonathan Wilson
shakers: Jeff Ramuno and Jonathan Wilson
effects: Jonathan Wilson
writer: Jonathan Wilson
composer: Jonathan Wilson
lyricist: Jonathan Wilson
You’re so hard to get over
It’s so hard to be done
Yeah you’re so hard to get over
It’s so hard to be done

The way you make love
Makes me see my funeral
On my wedding day
The way you’re daddy’s girl
I’ve watched the reel
I still don’t believe it

The way that you turn on
Makes it feel like
Christmas on my birthday
The way you taste your own
Did I teach you that?
I really don’t remember

The way you’re so free

The way your body speaks
Sweet caramel gloom descending
The way you **** with abandon
In every lucid dream you’re the soul receiver
You’re so hard to get over
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
You’re the only one

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