Who Sang Rare Birds? Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson Rare Birds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-3-2
length: 5:27
producer: Jonathan Wilson
vocal: Holly Laessig, Omar Velasco and Jess Wolfe
mixer: Dave Cerminara and Jonathan Wilson
engineer: Dave Cerminara
electric guitar: Jonathan Wilson
additional producer: Jeff Ramuno
acoustic guitar: Jonathan Wilson
Wurlitzer electric piano: Jonathan Wilson
vibraphone: Jonathan Wilson
slide guitar: Jonathan Wilson
drums (drum set): Joey Waronker
bass guitar: Jake Blanton
pedal steel guitar: Greg Leisz
electronic drum set: Dan Bailey
synthesizer: Jonathan Wilson
bass synthesizer: Jonathan Wilson
writer: Jonathan Wilson
composer: Jonathan Wilson
lyricist: Jonathan Wilson
Rare birds, we are out in space
And at the moment we're weightless
This feeling will last as long as we like

Charming the views as we orbit the earth
And it is constantly changing
It's living with pain
It's telling us this

We will take off
From the belts of radiation
And at the moment of impact
We feel a powerful
Shockwave from the sun

Colliding we see
Results of beta decay
Still the earth's not withstanding
Demand is growing
We're breaking her back

Falsetto folkies with pitchfork at your side
Your tunes they will be forgotten
Way out in the desert boy there's nowhere to hide
From your face in the sun's daily mirror
Black pirate paradox
Silver and gold
Floating just over your head

Weeping, once upon an angel we cried
But the whole tone was changing
Our friends, they did not follow us here
Yeah we were rare birds
We made magic on some fallen star
And we were perfectly timeless, working
Loving and losing our fear

Well it's a hand me down riddle
With god on it's side
His tone and his trumpet forgotten
Way out in the desert boy
There's nowhere to hide
See your face in the suns daily mirror
Pelican cases on Jesus’s flight
With no room in the overheads
La la la
La la la
La la la

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