Sunset Blvd Lyrics - Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson Rare Birds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2018-3-2
length: 5:45
producer: Jonathan Wilson
piano: Jonathan Wilson
vocal: Jonathan Wilson and Omar Velasco
mixer: Dave Cerminara and Jonathan Wilson
engineer: Dave Cerminara
additional producer: Jeff Ramuno
violin: Tom Lea
bass: Jake Blanton
viola: Tom Lea
percussion: Joey Waronker
cello: Peter Jacobson and Derek Stein
synthesizer: Jonathan Wilson
strings arranger: Tom Lea
drums (drum set): Joey Waronker
vocoder: Jonathan Wilson
celesta: Jonathan Wilson
bell: Jonathan Wilson
writer: Jonathan Wilson
composer: Jonathan Wilson
lyricist: Jonathan Wilson
There's a cherry on top tonight
For men who look like jesus tonight
If you play your cards right
You can be the the son of god tonight

You were thin you were undersized for the spring
You entered your name just as "tight blue jeans"
In my phone I guess you do this kind of thing
Ahh yeah

Well we met on the floor
CCR was playing
"Long as I can see the light"
They were singing
You gave me the look
That said "lets be animals tonight"
"Right away we were synthesized"

So we took off
Down sunset boulevard
The back tires were spinning
The axles they were teething us into beyond
Way out on that boulevard
We can be weightless, timeless

Tonight you are heavy on my mind
I watched you
Drift behind my eyes
I try to roll with the punches I flow with the tide

Guess I thought you’d be forever
You’re now with me never
Moments of heaven
Frozen in a van with you girl
I miss the lightness of laughter with you

So I tear out to sunset blvd
Yeah my back tires
They are spinning
The axles they are teething me
Into beyond
Way out on that blvd
I can be weightless
I can be timeless

So far down sunset blvd
Yeah my back tires are spinning
My axles they are teething me
Into beyond
Way out on that blvd
Way out on that blvd
Way out on that precious blvd
We can be weightless

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