Who Sang Room of Velvet Splendour? Joyless

Joyless Wisdom & Arrogance cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-9-28
length: 8:47
lay the flowers shaped as roses down
such a path I may walk upon
with no such thing as regret;
misanthropy leads me.
blue waves wash the serpents out from my eyes;
hear the serpents sigh, hear the serpents cry/

the room unknown to human eyes
will grant thee welcome open wide...
blue is the light of which you despise,
the rays invite you to dance.
joyless laughter,
I know it's not mine,
although I surely recognise it as my own.

red is the light of life
white is the light of death
blue is the light the velvet shines,
rays... heaven.

CD 1
  • 1 Divine
  • 2 Close to God
  • 3 Stand
  • 4 Isn't It Nice?
  • 5 The Nails
  • 6 Transpire
  • 7 Why Should I Cry?
  • 8 Trust Endorse
  • 9 Room of Velvet Splendour