Who Sang The Nails? Joyless

Joyless Wisdom & Arrogance cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-9-28
length: 2:54
I walk towards thee
Away from the sullen despair
Where for reachest thou
Not thy hands out
As to save me from death
Thou my only friend
The angelic form wept
Bruised and bewildered
And my dreary steps now seems heavier than ever

I see the same thing happen over and over again
I feel everything around me culminate

No heaven
No angels either
I cut off my own white wings and further down I fall
To lost and empty sceneries
The frozen tapestry reduced to nothing
I enter unwillingly

Joyful am I unknown by all but thee
A dream woven perfectly into the eye unified
A b***erfly

Soaring the perfume air of spring at last in bloom
Covet to depart from reality
And all the dark fantasies
Pure at heart

These wounds can never heal
These wounds cannot be sealed
The torments I've endured seemed endless
Like the nights through which I wandered sleepless
And never can
They wither
These hands can never heal
Maybe you can
A destructive force indeed
Like the nails through Jesus once
Just a single smile
Or someone that cares
Unlike all the while

Arth thou my enemy?
Arth thou my murderer?
Or arth thou nothing?
But an illusion I can reach beyond

Arth thou my saviour?
Arth thou my absolute?
Or arth thou nothing?
Like the ones who came before
Arth thou my destiny?
Arth thou my sanctity?
Or arth thou nothing?
Like the hollow state I know

Arth thou my fate?
Arth thou my manifest?
Or arth thou nothing?
But the perfection of myself

The lying w****

The door

The key

The eye unified

CD 1
  • 1 Divine
  • 2 Close to God
  • 3 Stand
  • 4 Isn't It Nice?
  • 5 The Nails
  • 6 Transpire
  • 7 Why Should I Cry?
  • 8 Trust Endorse
  • 9 Room of Velvet Splendour